Halo-halong Discoveries Part III


Matte Nail Polish
I’m probably late on this trend but only recently did I try matte nail polish, only because I combined it with my online shopping shipment. This is not an original from the brand, which is why the consistency is different and doesn’t become smooth on my nails. But I absolutely love it! My manicurist told me that Orly carries this kind of polish too and even recommended that I just buy the matte top coat polish, which would make any polish matte. Coolio!


2-in-1 Travel Pillow

 I normally do not bring travel pillows when I travel simply because I can sleep without one. And also I find them bulky and a tad bit heavy (heavy pa yun sa lagay na yun. Haha!). But as I was passing time in Robinson’s Department Store, I discovered this awesome invention – 2-in-1 travel pillows! It can be a neck pillow and a square, oblong or rectangle pillow, all with just opening the zipper. And it’s super duper light since the inside is filled with tint Styrofoam-like balls. At first I saw the pastel ones with fruit design and was willing to pay the P360 price. But as I walked around, I found more designs.


I instantly fell in love with the floral watercolor one (P299), which only had two pieces. As I always do, I didn’t buy it immediately. I believe that if something is for me even after a few days, it really is for me. Days passed and I couldn’t stop thinking about it and went back and only one piece was left! I asked and there was no more stock. This is such a cool pillow and I think every traveler should have one. Only thing lacking with this is a clasp so that it can easily be secured on your bag (the pastel ones have this).


25-30 Calorie Milk

I tried almond milk when I stayed in the US and my bro-in-law would use it for coffee. I actually didn’t like it with coffee and only when I went back to Manila and started my ‘overnight oats’ diet did I truly appreciate unsweetened almond milk – because hel-lo, it’s only 30 calories per 250 ml! That means, 1 liter is only 120 calories, same number of calories for a 250ml low fat milk! How awesomely crazy is that? I ain’t going back to regular milk after this. Even though it’s more expensive – ranging from P120-150 per liter depending on brand – I still think this is the best option for those who are health-conscious (or trying to be, like me). The one I bought, Natura has 30 calories per serving but there’s another brand – Blue Diamond that only has 25 calories – the lowest I have seen so far! Natura is available in S&R while SM groceries carry Blue Diamond.


I won’t be continuing my overnight oats diet though, since I have uric acid and apparently oats is a no-no. Too bad. I really enjoyed that diet pa naman.

Reusing Old Bottles

Finished up three bottles of Clean N Clear facial washes and the bottles were so nice, decided to take out the sticker, refill them with shampoo, shower gel and new facial wash, plaster new labels via DYMO and voila – super cute dispensers. Based on experience, best to use pump bottles for shampoo and shower gels instead of just the squirt bottle because you can control the amount of product you dispense, so less wastage.


What are your thoughts?

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