Vacationista: Labor Day Weekend in Malapascua Island, Cebu Summary (3 Days, 2 Nights)


As mentioned, I still really wanted to go to a beach this year, even though I’ve just been on vacation to Indonesia a week back during holy week. Since I won’t be able to take anymore leaves for the most of the year, it was a no brainer for me to book somewhere during the Labor Day Weekend. Honestly, I don’t usually travel during Labor Day because (i) of the thousands of people also going on vacay and (ii) I usually forget that Labor Day is a holiday. Boracay was off the list, for the sole reason that hordes of people go there for Laboracay (ew).


As I checked my AirAsia mobile app, I found a fairly cheap Cebu City airfare (though later on, the fare became even P2000 lower. Grr). I’ve been to Cebu many times yet I also know that Cebu has tons of beaches that I still need to explore. Without second guessing, booked my flight and in less than 5 minutes, found myself planning for my upcoming trip. I wanted to explore the nearby beaches in Cebu, Malapascua topping my list. So off I went and researched for the basic info for my beach trip. Tried to bring some friends but none were available. So yey, for solo trips!


Later on, more like a few days before my departure, news broke that the ASEAN Summit was going to be held on that same weekend and that air traffic was gonna be worse! *gulps* No can do now so better to just lower my expectations. Haha! In my head, in the worst case scenario that I won’t be able to reach Malapascua because of the bulk of people travelling, I still have Cebu City, which is awesome on its own.

Dates: Labor Day Weekend 2017 (29 April – 1 May 2017)

Flight: via Cebu City on Air Asia (arrive Cebu on Saturday, first flight in; depart Cebu on Monday, last flight out)

Temperature: Summer Hot

Mode: Super duper Chillax, like no itinerary/ no plan/ no alarm clocks allowed

Outfit: Shorts and swim wear

Expenses: approx. P10,000

– Airfare via Air Asia: P5,777

– Accommodation at Thresher Cove Dive Resort via mobile app: P1143 for 2 nights (Single Fan Room)

– Land and Sea Transportation: P1,000 (2 way)

o Taxi from Cebu Airport to Cebu North Bus Terminal: P200

o Non-air conditioned Ceres Bus to Maya Port: P200

o Boat to Malapascua Island: P100

o Motorbike island transfers: P500

– Food: P1,500 (2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners plus snacks)


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  1. sa thresher cove din kami nagstay nun hehe galing no, super mura lang.. ganda sa malapascua super chill lang. tas nag-kalanggaman kami 🙂

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