Vacationista: Labor Day Weekend in Malapascua Island, Cebu (Day 2)


Though I didn’t set my alarm clock, I still woke up insanely early today: 0600am. Must be the sunlight washing through my window. So I decided to change and head to Bounty Beach, the more popular beach in the island since it’s the longest one, is lined with restaurants, resorts and diving centers and is actually where the boats are docked – convenient for those diving or going island hopping. I still prefer staying at Thresher Cove at ‘my beach’ instead of any Bounty Beach resort because at least in Thresher Cove, there are no boats but just sea and sand – all for you. In Bounty Beach, you’re competing with the docked boats.

I walked from end to end, just to see the place. Then found my spot, settled in and chilled. Oh, and yes, people-watched too.

Side note: I recommend having a wet bag and a beach roundie. Bought my pretty wet bag from the Trunk Show (took me months before I decided to buy it) and it’s really sturdy. It’s not water proof but enough to serve its purpose. My roundie (P350) is from a local online seller (couldn’t find the one I bought via amazon. Huhu) and I love how light-weight and easy to clean it is. Sand doesn’t stick (unlike if you get the micro fiber roundies which would also be heavier), can simply be folded and easily dries. Design is shockingly pretty too.


When I felt my stomach rumble at around 930am, packed my stuff and asked one of the drivers to take me to the famous Ging-Gings which almost all the blogs I read recommended. Good thing I arrived mid-day as there were not a lot of people. It’s a simple carinderia with plastic chairs. But I was pleasantly surprised with their serving. They also have wifi for a minimal fee of P5. Tip: their wifi is extremely fast compared to Thresher Cove’s.


Technically, this is my breakfast but decided to make it a heavy brunch so that I wouldn’t have to go out again for lunch. I had their iced coffee (P50), tapsilog meal (P100) then ordered extra fried egg (P15) and extra garlic rice (P45) which was huge! They didn’t have just one cup of garlic rice. It was really good so I had the excess in a doggy bag. I do recommend this place as you get value for money. Huge serving and good food.


I had the whole day of doing nothing so I decided to take up on my driver’s offer to go to the light house (P200 plus P50 tip). Some guides were also offering Kalanggaman island hopping (known for its sandbar) but I declined this. My driver picked me up from Ging-ging’s and off we went to the light house, about 20 minutes or so ride. You’ll have to ‘hike’ a bit going up but nothing a non-hiker like me couldn’t do, especially since there was a trail for easy navigating. Of course, this wouldn’t be ideal for the elderly, weak knees etc. Initially, I thought I was going alone since I went ahead of my driver and he didn’t seem to be joining me. But the driver was kind enough to follow me and make small talk.


Once I reached the top, other tourists were also there. Honestly, not much to see though you do get a nice top view of the island and I did get a pretty photo of the light house itself. If you have extra P200 to spare, I urge you to do it, even as a simple way to support the locals.

My driver then offered to go to another smaller beach with less people. I don’t think he knew what the beach was called but this was somewhere at the back of bounty beach and near the light house. Less crowded and had a beautiful shoreline. Stayed a bit under the scorching noon sun.

It was so hot that I decided to stay at ‘my beach’ for the afternoon but not before buying some cola and water (P32) at the small sari-sari store right below the resort’s entrance – another advantage of Thresher Cove.


By 4pm, felt the hunger pain that I decided to grab some grub. My driver – whose hair complemented my pink elephant sando – once again brought me to the merkato because I really wanted grilled meat again.


Unfortunately, they were still marinating the meat but fortunately, I got to try the other food stall. They have the usual Pinoy viands like adobo but I opted for the chicken curry (P115) and mango shake (P50). I didn’t order rice because of the left over garlic rice from Ging-ging’s and they gave me a discount because of that. I initially ordered some chicken salad but when I saw their curry serving – they cooked mine fresh and on the spot – I canceled my salad. The serving was huge and yey it had so much veggies! Taste wasn’t bad too, more like ginataang gulay than curry but nothing some soy sauce couldn’t fix. Highly recommended for budget eaters since you can share this with a friend, though I finished mine by myself. Haha! Fun fact: I asked for patis (fish sauce) and the waiter gave me toyo (soy sauce). When I explained that it was different, he didn’t know what patis was. Tip: serving will take some time and I had to follow-up for my shake so best to be patient. 


Went back to bounty beach and chilled.

 Was hoping to catch a masseuse for a much-needed massage-by-the-beach (a must for me!) but didn’t find any which is disappointing because when I got there yesterday, a random masseuse immediately approached me. All of them must be booked for the afternoon.


There was a short brown out at bounty beach which gave Thresher Cove another advantage: they didn’t experience the brown out and if ever they did, they had a generator. By sundown, headed back to my resort but not before catching this gorgeous play of colors.


What are your thoughts?

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