Vacationista: Tbilisi, Georgia Day 2 (Shota Rustaveli, In the shadow of Metekhi)


At about 7am, I woke up and got dressed. I planned to use this time – before work becomes unbearable – to see the surrounding area in the early morning. It was as gorgeous as it was at night, and this is only from the limited things I already saw the night before. I only walked back and forth Shota Rustaveli since I had to be back at the hotel for breakfast with my teammates. But during that short time, I was able to see a lot and with my trusty selfie stick with tripod, was able to capture a few ‘pwede na’ touristy photos. 

Just look at the crowded streets… not! So gorgeous! It was absolutely divine walking around. I think I only passed by 10 people in total for the hour long walk, which made it possible for me to take photos without being self-conscious.

My favorite shot would be of this museum. I was never able to visit it afterwards but I’ve become that kind of person who enjoys the outside architecture of a building more than seeing what’s inside, though of course, what’s inside is also good. 

Also passed by the distinct-looking opera house which looked a bit shabby for an opera/ production house but as they say, never judge a book by its cover. Will share on my next post how the inside of the opera house looked like. Spoiler alert: it was glorious.

Here and there were pretty walls, pretty gates, pretty buildings, pretty concrete. Pretty everything! Couldn’t stop snapping my camera! 

I also love the way Tbilisi Marriott looked like! So old Europe like! Too bad it wasn’t available for our meeting dates. 

I passed by a small church and though it was closed, saw a man outside praying. I love the ceiling and wall painting.

A colleague told me that there’s a nearby Carrefour supermarket, which had a lot of options and items, so I tried to search for it only to end up at some park and a line of stores. I even reached the famous Freedom Square just looking for the elusive supermarket.

Heading back to the hotel, I dropped by the nearby Smart supermarket and grabbed some items I thought were interesting. Saw some hug red chiles, fresh peaches (yey!) and even a liter sized beer! Heavy drinkers would find heaven here. 

Goods were pretty cheap, ranging from 2.5 Gel for chocolate bars. I still wanted to visit Carrefour so I didn’t buy a lot from here. I only spent about 32 gel for everything. 

Bought 3 biscuits (1 gel each), 3 chocolate bars (2.75 gel each), 2 packs of coffee (because the packaging was so quaint, I think 2 gel each), 2 boxes of wafer (2.5 gel each), 3 boxes of chocolate-covered plum, apricot and fig (4 gel each) and 3 packs of random chips (1.5 gel each).

Before heading back to the hotel, I walked by the other side of Shota Rustaveli and aside from the huge bicycle, saw some interesting graffiti and more pretty buildings.

Back at the hotel, I had breakfast with the team. As with most of my work trips, our strategy when it comes to eating is to have a heavy breakfast at the start of the day so that we’d still be full during lunch (so no need to go out and just simply work), then if time permits, have a quick dinner out. I was ecstatic with all the fresh salmon available! Just look at that pile! 

Seriously, I think I ate the salmon + cream cheese + lettuce + tomato in a croissant combo every single day. Haha! Fresh orange juice was also divine. I had it everyday for more Vitamin C and to combat bad bacteria.

After breakfast, one full day of work commenced until we realized it was already night. For today, since our big boss arrived from his flight, we decided to have dinner at this special restaurant called ‘In the Shadow of Metehki’ which boasted of good food, wonderful ambiance and amazing Georgian song and dance performances. Good thing one of my colleagues absolutely loves Georgia that she was our unofficial tour guide who made the arrangements beforehand. According to her, we got lucky since usually the restaurant is jam packed but they were able to get us a table for 6.

Getting there was a bit of an adventure since our driver got lost, even after my Russian speaking colleague explained the location to him beforehand. So when we got lost, we had to call our Russian speaking colleague (who was in the other car) and then she’d talk to the driver. After much discussion, we finally arrived at the restaurant. It was so pretty and was overloking the city! 

My colleague started ordering all the classic delicacies, similar to what we had last night since we wanted our boss to try all the best Georgian dishes. We had 3 different kinds of khachapuri (tarragon and two others), grilled trout (no photo again!), pates, fresh salad, grilled meat, beef stew and chicken in milk sauce. Food was great as always. Grateful too that our boss insisted on paying for our meal.

Once we were done ordering food and wine, at about 8pm, the staff suddenly broke out into a series of song and dance performances. First performers were dressed up as waiters, which was probably why they didn’t want to take our orders beforehand! Haha! They were all so good! 

As you can see in the photos, they had a very lively dancing, which was difficult to capture. So nice to see and hear Georgian dances and songs.

After a while, we headed back to the hotel without finishing all of the performances since it was already late and we needed to work tomorrow.


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