Vacationista: Tbilisi, Georgia Day 3 (Georgian National Opera Theater, Dine Hall)


Today was a blur. Haha! All I know is we worked the whole day after breakfast. But not before I dragged some of my colleagues to see the big metal bicycle very near our hotel which overlooked the city as well as walk to the nearby fancy Mcdonald’s (which I’ll share again in my next posts). 

Lavenders were all around the street and yes, they smelled amazing.

We had breakfast outside of the restaurant, which was a great break from staying inside the hotel. Breathed in the fresh air, felt the warmth of the sun on our faces and had a wonderful view of the river. 

My colleague kept insisting we try the Georgian mineral water called Borjomi because it had numerous health benefits and was very popular but I really didn’t like it as it was bitter, think tonic water.

Went to work with our gorgeous view and funky pop art as inspiration.

We only went out of the hotel when we were able to secure seats to the Georgian National Opera Theater (59 gel each) starting at about 9pm! Ticket was so cheap! 

The scheduled performance was for the Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra. I’m no fan but I’m so glad I was able to join. The inside of the opera was gorgeous!

But before that, since we arrived a bit early, we first had a light dinner in a cute café across the street called Dine Hall. One of our colleagues treated us (honestly, I haven’t paid a cent for my meals so far). 

I ordered some apple juice and baguettes with fresh tomato, mushroom and spinach for sharing while they ordered two pieces of pizzas, also for sharing, plus a bowl of ice cream. Everything was sooo good! Perfect to fill up our tummies before the performance.

At quarter to nine, we headed back to the opera house as people were starting to go in. An old Georgian lady approached a colleague of mine and upon my Uzbekistan colleagues’ interpretation, the lady wanted to sell her a bunch of flowers for 1 gel. My colleague couldn’t refuse so she ended up with a bouquet of purple flowers. There were also a lot of street performers scattered in the streets or in the underpass. Georgians love their music!

After the staff scanned our tickets and checked our bags, we made our way to the second floor balcony which was the PERFECT location, if you ask me. We were able to see the whole opera house and had a great view of the orchestra. My photos are nothing compared to the real deal.

Before long, the performance started first with a video presentation then with the orchestra. We were all mesmerized. For the next hour or so, all eyes and ears were on the performances.

During the 15 minute intermission, me and some of my colleagues grabbed the opportunity to look around the place, which had different rooms and cute nooks here and there. 

At the end of the performance, I absolutely loved how one elderly woman slowly went up the stage to give a bouquet of flowers to the female violinist. It just shows how much they appreciate their art and music. Bravo! After the amazing performance, we called it a day and headed back ‘home.’


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