Vacationista: Tbilisi, Georgia Day 4-5


Today and the next 3 days would be the heaviest work days for us since it’s the start of the meeting proper. We’ll be arranging the meeting room, finalizing all the meeting materials such as the folders and seating arrangements for our delegates and of course, be a whole lot of busy on the meeting days itself. So after breakfast.. work mode on!

After working the whole Sunday morning till afternoon, me and my friend then went on a ‘break’ to get some fresh air and again, enjoy the beautiful scenery. I cannot get over how pretty their streets are.

During this time, she bought some facial cleanser at an organic shop in a tiny mall and then we bought some wine and their local alcoholic drink called ‘cha-cha.’ I don’t usually buy alcoholic drinks since I don’t really drink but my brother kept teasing me that I never give him anything from my past travels or if ever I did, it would always be expired (because we don’t really meet regularly). So what item – aside from textiles, magnets and mugs which I don’t like giving – doesn’t expire? Alcohol. Haha! 

After all the work was done for the day, my friend still wanted to walk around. I was a very willing tour guide. Haha! So off we went again to walk along Shota Rustaveli (I love this street). Before reaching the Freedom Square, we went through the underpass and saw a lady selling fresh fruits and cheese. I was sold on the fresh peaches! Bought a bunch as I always try to eat fresh peaches, just like in Sydney before. Not to mention that it was so cheap, about 2 gel per kilo! My friend also bought some fresh cherries (about 3 gel per kilo). 

We walked and walked until we reached the Freedom Square, which looked very different but just as beautiful at night. After circling the square (get it?), we headed back to the hotel to rest our tired feet. 

Monday was again so busy for us that the only time we actually went out was to buy take-out food at the nearby Smart grocery store – which was like 20 steps away from the hotel. With no English translations, we had to rely on asking the staff what the food was. I ended up buying some chicken burrito (which tasted like caldereta), fresh salad and a bottle of peach iced tea (all for 10 gel). 


What are your thoughts?

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