Vacationista: Tbilisi, Georgia Day 9 (Last day and going home already. Huhu)


My last day in Tbilisi! Wah! While the others were lounging in the pool or going somewhere else, me and my friend decided to again spend the day out and about the city, at least till 2pm before our hotel check out. We walked along Shota Rustaveli (I will never get tired of this street) because I wanted to find the old lady who was selling magnets. I could buy magnets at the souvenir shops or even in the supermarket but I wanted to buy from the old lady, who had no official store, just a board along the street with her goods, just to help her out. My friend kept teasing me that the lady was gone but finally I saw her. My friend interpreted for me and after looking at the magnets, I chose one for only 3 gel.

We walked towards Freedom Square and decided to have a pit stop (agad?) at a local café. He had some coffee and pistachio ice cream (again) which was good, while I had a strawberry lemonade, which was more like a smoothie. He even clarified this with the staff since I was hoping the lemonade was like the one I tasted last night, or at the very least, was more liquid in form. After much discussion with the waitress, they just said that that was a lemonade. Oh well. At least my friend let me pay for this, all in all at 25 gel with tip.


After being recharged, we started walking again but this time, took a different turn going somewhere unknown. This wasn’t along the souvenir shops nor the cafes. It wasn’t the tourists’ street. We wanted an unknown street since this is where we felt like locals – just enjoying the view of the streets, the buildings and just having a relaxing (but of course tiring) walk.


We ended up on the other side of city and went directly to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) Tbilisi, right along Shota Rustaveli, because I mentioned to him that I wanted to see the museum. Again, he insisted on paying for the museum entrance fee. The girls at the reception apologetically looked at me and said again, ‘He’s the man.’ I feel like I should be offended, like that’s a sexist comment implying a man should always pay for a woman’s food or whatever. Should I? Nah. Haha!  


The art was from the same artist. Not a fan of his simple works but I did like the huge sculptures, including one with a huge Van Gogh and a cock fight scene.


Afterwards, continued walking until we arrived at a street lined up with goods like paintings, horns made into cups, and other trinkets all for sale.


We then got to the fancy Mcdonald’s building, which I saw during my first day, and told him I wanted to check out the menu. We bought some very pretty drinks (watermelon and cherry flavor), a cherry sundae and large fries. I really liked my cherry drink since it was very refreshing (think Sprite with flavor) while the sundae and fries tasted exactly the same whichever Mcdonald’s you buy it from. He let me pay for this one – though he was the one who ordered – all for only 16 gel.


Cobblestones everywhere! Saw this smaller version of the Mother of Georgia, except it was holding a string of theater masks.


We walked around the side streets again, passed through a park (which had a dog park in it), saw some churches then since it was nearing 2pm, went back to the hotel.


Had so much fun during my “mini tour” with my friend. I was actually planning before on extending another day in Tbilisi but thankfully I was able to do all the must-do, must-see and must-eat during my whole ‘official’ stay. Plus, I don’t think I would have enjoyed going around by myself because of the language barrier so I’m really thankful I had a Russian speaker with me. He actually invited me to join him during his extended stay but since I only found out about it after I had purchased my tickets, it was a no-go for me. These “follow me to” inspired photos (if you follow that IG account) was his idea. Kinda summarizes how our adventure was – us dragging each other to walk around Tbilisi. Kyot.


By 3pm, me and my other colleague were on our way to the airport (paid 30 gel for the taxi). I already miss Georgia.


What are your thoughts?

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