Vacationista: Tbilisi, Georgia and Istanbul, Turkey Business Lounges


I honestly think these two deserve their own post. Haha! So after more than a week of staying, working and going around Tbilisi, we headed back home. Since we were entitled to business class airfare in the organization I work for, we also get to enjoy the perk of staying at the business lounges. In Manila, business lounges – whatever the airline – is pathetic compared to those abroad.

Since Tbilisi International Airport is small, so is the business lounge but that doesn’t mean it has to be shabby (hello, listen up MIAA). The food was decent enough for a quick treat but the lounge itself was so comfortable with enough couches and tables. But the best part was that it looked like a painting gallery. The lounge was filled with different artworks, which were actually for sale. It made the whole place inviting and less horrific as you wait for your flight.


Yummy food on the plane from Tbilisi to Istanbul.


But upon arrival at the Istanbul business lounge (since Turkey was our transit stop), I was blown away! It was huge! It had everything you could possibly need for your transit to keep you occupied– a billiards table, a library, a mini cinema, wifi of course, luggage area, an entertainment and gaming area downstairs, and all the food and drinks you could want. They also have a shower area and sleeping quarters but this is limited only to those whose transits are 8 hours and more (which is understandable). I heard from the staff that there was a waiting list.


I decided to eat dinner at the lounge – Turkish ravioli, grilled veggies, baklava and local drinks – so that when I get to the plane, I’ll just sleep for the duration of the flight. Which I did. My colleague who sat beside me even noticed this and said that he had already seen a ton of movies and I was still sleeping. Haha. We also had the same flight as Piolo Pascual but that’s not relevant.


What are your thoughts?

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