Blessed: Reminder to be thankful


I keep saying that I do feel blessed with my life right now. It’s not perfect. Probably not where I thought I would be. Definitely didn’t expect all the blessings I’ve received so far. But really, I feel grateful, blessed and content. Or at the very least, I keep reminding myself of this.

For my recent Georgia trip, not only was I able to visit such a gorgeous country sponsored by the organization I work for, what made this extra special was that I was able to save a 6-digit figure from our daily allowance provided by my work. This is on top of my salary. Last time in Pakistan, I only got to take home about $1,000, which I used for my US trip, since our allowance then was small but hotel was expensive.

But this time, so blessed to have taken home a fairly large amount. I know for some people a 6-digit figure is nothing but to me, that’s something. So what did I do with this amount? I didn’t spend it all, if that’s what you’re thinking. I gave to my tithes at church, increased my financial support to some missionaries and deposited into my investment. Of course, I also know how to balance my money so I bought something for myself too – a maroon bomber jacket, a floral jacket, a royal blue winter coat and a green blazer (yes, all outerwear).

There are times at night when I’m alone, I look around my room and think, “I like where I am right now.” I’m not saying this is how I feel everyday, all day, 24/7. Sometimes I get sad or lonely or frustrated too. But more often than not, I really enjoy being who I am in the current situation I am in with the people I am with right now.

But you know what? Sometimes, I’m afraid that I’ll suddenly wake up and everything would change for the worse. I don’t mean this in terms of suddenly losing my money or job or house. My security isn’t there, since I know in a snap all our material things can be taken away from us. I always say I can live on kangkong and galunggong forever. Haha! But I’m more afraid of something bad happening to my relationships – family and friends – or to me personally, particularly, my health. Things that are out of my control and are not easily replaced. It’s been awhile since my last tragedy in life (read: my dad’s stroke then death). Like, I’m living such a good life right now that something bad is bound – or is supposed – to happen.

But I know I can’t be paralyzed by this fear or any kind of fear – bomb threats, terrorists, assholes you meet – for that matter. So I guess the best way is simply to live my life – my own life – and spend time with people who matter the most and of course, pray.


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  1. First, Wow 6 digits! That is definitely not nothing. (Well, to me at least). I like the way you handled your blessings, and inspiring too!

    Second, I totally agree and can relate to this post lalo na some bad thingsss recently happened to me. I feel like sitting on the edge of my seat, thinking “ano pa? ano pa?, tama na po please.”

    This post is comforting, knowing I’m not the only one feeling this way. I thought I’m the only one with paranoia, and yes it paralyzes me too. Let’s coffee soon.

    • Aww girl!!! Super thanks for your kind words! We girls gotta stick together and encourage each other in this scary – but beautiful – world. 😉 see you soon!!!!

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