SM Raincoat: Be stylish even during the rainy season


I tried my best to never use a rain coat even though I walk to and from work. But with the rainy season here and me still not wanting to take a cab or bus to work and just simply walk the 2 kilometers per way each day, I decided that apart from my umbrella and rainy day shoes, I should look for a raincoat lest I continue looking like a basang sisiw everyday.

The main reason I don’t want a raincoat is because they are usually so ugly looking and plain and made of cheap looking material. Sure, there are those with really nice designs but I would never splurge on some expensive plastic coat. That is until I stumbled upon SM Supermarket’s section of US branded clothes. One of the items were raincoats in different designs including a black and white striped one that I initially wanted but had no other size. So I chose the grey striped rain coat with pink flowers! Isn’t it adorable? With the price tag of P250, it’s affordable, stylish and will keep me dry during this season. Yey for cute rainy day outfits!


What are your thoughts?

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