Night Shopping at Taytay Tiangge(s) Again


Barely a week since our last trip to Taytay for their famous tiangge, my friend once again invited us to go there – this time for their night tiangge. This was three times bigger since all three main tiangges – Bagpi, My Seoul and another one called Mayora – would be open. Can you believe their opening hours are 4am-4pm every Monday and Thursday? That’s like 24 hours! Those two days are the bagsakan days so all new stocks and designs would be available. We went there on a Thursday (next day was a holiday, for them at least not me) so my friends were confident to pull an all nighter. We took an Uber back and forth (took a while to book going there at 8pm but we got lucky a driver was on his way home to Antipolo!) and by 930pm, we were there.

We first had some light dinner at the nearby food stall called Spud. I ordered their Spicy Arabian chicken wrap (P75) and Lemon-cucumber sparkler (P60) and both were so good! I was so hungry forgot to take photos! I want a branch in Ortigas please! I do have some photos of the tiangge and clothes itself. Not much since I was busy checking them out. Haha! 

Refreshed and ready to fight, we first went to the one called Mayora, which my friend dubbed as “the grid” (because the stalls and walkways were so tiny and close together) while I dubbed it as “the putikan” (because it was muddy due to the light rain). BUT don’t let the place fool you. The tiangge was full of goldmines! You just have to be patient. As before, tops and shorts start as low as P25 while dresses and pants at P100. I bought most of my stuff – the following shorts and rompers – here.

For some reason, I hoarded these two types of clothes. Haha! All my shorts were pambahays because I’ve always looked out for these super thin, soft and comfy shorts I once bought at Greenfields for 3 for P100 and now, I finally found them again – but for only P25 each. Yes, you read that right. My friends kept teasing me that it seemed all I did was sleep with so many pambahay shorts. Told them I had costume changes at night. Haha! The 2nd and 3rd photos (the designs on the front are my fave) are P25 each shorts while the 1st photo is P35 each, simular to the unicorn shorts, which obviously I bought first because if I had known there were P25 ones available, I wouldn’t have bought these. They’re nice though, like my unicorn shorts. Might gift them, though. 

I then bought 3 rompers. The first two are from the same seller, P150 each. It’s made of thick fabric and best fits a medium, since it’s a bit too snug on the bottom for me (thanks a lot, fat ass and thunder thighs). But I still love it! Crossing my fingers I’ll lose weight for a better fit. Haha! The last romper, P150, was from a different seller and is made of a thinner, more breezy fabric. Best fits small so I might give this away. So, so pretty though.

Next was Bagpi where I was able to buy clothes as gifts to my relatives who’ll be staying with us for the holidays. 

Bought a green maxi (P150), white top with watercolor dream catcher (P65), unicorn leggings (P50) and red gym shorts (P25). The patches (P11 each) and soft tank tops (P40 each) were actually from Mayora. 

I was perfectly fine with lugging my items in plastic bags (my eco bag didn’t fit all my unexpected shopping) but then I saw this huge-ass avocado green/mustard cloth bag (discounted at P50, originally P100) so me and my friend bought one! It’s my type of shopping bag – tapon lahat! Haha! It has a big adidas logo on it but I’m planning on painting over it later on. 

Didn’t buy anything from My Seoul anymore since I already had a lot. We ended our shopping at around 3am. Haha! All in all, I shelled out P1275 for all those items! Not bad noh? I have to remind myself to stop buying from malls if I can find it here. We’re planning in maybe doing a quarterly visit here. Haha! Super recommended! Over sa low prices but good quality pieces! Gora na mga shopaholics! 


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