Meet Ashley


I’ve wanted a new cat for months since our old cat left us. I miss Luna of course but I was hoping to get a new kitten soon. Didn’t want to buy so I asked my mom to look for one in the streets or somewhere, you know a cute kitten. Imagine our luck when she found the most perfect, most adorable one all the way from Rizal. 

Meet Ashley. Took me awhile to think of a name for her since I usually base my pet’s name on the first impression I have of her/him, like in the case of Toffee or Luna. Even though it should’ve been obvious to name her something like Ash (abo, grey, get it?), it didn’t automatically come to me.

My friends say she looks like a Russian Blue. I couldn’t care less. I love her to bits! She’s super sweet and playful and clingy, just the way I like it! She “calls” me for two things: food and cuddles! 

I’m thinking I wanna spoil her starting with buying stuff for her – after a visit to the vet, of course – like kitten milk formula (P399), pet wet wipes (P50) and wet cat food (P60 each). Bought these at PetExpress. She doesn’t particularly like the milk formula so might try adding it to dry cat food to make it mushy and easier for her to eat. 

Still had some leftovet cat litter so I just bought some deodorizer (P159 at South Supermarket, cheaper than online at P200) plus bought her a toy for P66, though she’s a cat so she prefers bottle caps and simple ribbons to play with. Haha! 

After my Color Run at SM MOA, decided to make a side trip to Cartimat,every pet owner’s supposed heaven. Wanted to buy more cat toys, litter deodorizer and wet cat food. Unfortunately, the prices were disappointing! Totally not cheaper than buying from the grocery or online. There’s a bit of savings but not drastic. My cats toys ranged from P60-90 while the cat food was P50-55 (P5 cheaper but that’s it). Even the Whiskas brand was cheaper in groceries. So I don’t think I’ll be “hoarding” again from here.

To end, here’s a cute photo of her sleeping :))))


What are your thoughts?

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