The Happiest 5k: Color Run 2017


I’m no runner but I’m all about fun and this Color Run was the definition of F-U-N.

It was some weeks back when I saw their ad and I immediately invited some of my girl friends to join. Basic 5k fee was P850 but with shipping and admin fee, I paid a total of P1020. A bit steep (I can do without the headband, tattoo and even the unicorn medal we got at the end) but it was for a good cause – for the children of Unicef – that I didn’t mind.


The basic package included a shirt, bib, headband and a gold ‘Happy’ tattoo. I had it shipped to my office and received it 3 days before the run.


Since I was coming from Laguna, I woke up at 3am and met up with my friends at around 530am. The first wave of runners started at 545am and we ended up with the 4th wave. Saw some girls with similar high socks as me. Hihi. There was a bit of a program with hosts Anne Curtis, Coach Rio and Eruption but we were too far back to actually see. There was also a concert at the end but us titas skipped this. Haha!


Before long, the run started! As you can see, there were a lot of people and according to Anne (feeling close), about 10,000 people joined. Isn’t that awesome? Photos will show how fun the run was and it’s so amazing that you get to enjoy yourself while helping out children. There was even a 500m dash for kids!


There’s a station every kilometer which first had a shower station (I figured they needed us wet so that the powder would stick on us?), then the colored powders and last was the bubble station. It was so fun! And even for a non-runner like me, I still got to enjoy it because really – I can’t emphasis this enough – it was really about having fun. No competition or pressure to finish the race in 10 minutes (is that even possible?). Me and my friend would alternate between jogging and brisk walking. I actually felt good that she was more out of shape than me. Hahaha! Kidding aside, everyone was really just having the time of their life in this run.


Before long, we finally reached the finish line (and we weren’t the last ones which was my only goal) and were awarded with our unicorn medal. Honestly, I didn’t know we had a medal. I thought that was for those who availed of the ‘deluxe package’ but hey, it was a nice surprise. Last would be you get your own packet of colored powder to be used at the concert grounds.


And here’s how I looked before and after the race. So colorful and fun and so worth waking up early in the morning for!


I highly recommend you join this color run the next time they have it. It’s really, super duper fun and you get to do something good for others! Some tips: 1. Baggage area is available at the grounds for your bags, 2. The colored powder is easily washed off with water or even wet wipes, and 3. There are available porta-potties at the venue though don’t expect them to be clean. For more info, please visit the official websites or social media of Dream Machine PH, Unicef Philippines and Run Rio.


What are your thoughts?

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