Review: Hello Gorgeous’ Unicorn Elixir and Cat Stamp Eyeliner


I have always been doubtful of facial oils, maybe because my first experience with it was with Human Heart Nature’s sunflower oil which really didn’t work for me. But recently all these blog reviews on facial oils made me wanna give it a go again. After much research, my top choices were Nuxe and Kiehl’s oils. I even tried them in small doses (I preferred Nuxe for the smell) and plan on buying the full sized bottle of Nuxe when I travel next, since I now find my usual Olay night cream too heavy. But I need an between product so in comes Hello Gorgeous’ Unicorn Elixir which has been receiving good reviews. Bought it with their Cat Stamp Eyeliner for combined shipping via Beauty MNL.

For the elixir, I use about 6 drops and found it very light and easy to apply on my face. No heavy feeling! My skin also easily absorbs it quite well. No strong allergic reaction happened though I found the smell too strong – like those too fragrant soaps. See the gold flakes in the elixir? Pretty.

I was really excited for the cat stamp because I’ve always wanted the cat eye make-up but am not really good with it. Look how pretty the swatch is! So pigmented! 

But how about on the eyes? The verdict? This is perfect for first-timer, non-professional, lazy girls like me. Photos show my first stamp (without filling in the cat eye liner) then the two photos are already filled in (ignore the unfinished undereye make up). I super highly recommend this for an easy to apply cat eye make up! I also think that once there’s no more ink in the pen, you can use the stamp and dip in another ink.

I recommend both these products for anyone who  wants to “try” facial oils and cat eye liners first without investing in super expensive products. Check out my other reviews on Hello Gorgeous products I’ve tried so far. 


What are your thoughts?

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