This is a blog of a girl who has recommitted her life back to Christ after years of rebellion (but trust me, I’m no saint. I’m still a load work of progress) and who can’t be defined in one paragraph.

Hence, my blog is a hodge podge of anything and everything I can think of – from my opinions on important and nonsense issues, to food and restaurant reviews, to personal experiences and adventures, to beauty, fashion and kikay stuff up to stories I imagine and made up myself.

Enter at your own free will.

Oh, by the way, let’s make life a little more exciting for the two us by you hollering back. Just comment on my posts, suggest a topic, issue or something you want me to write about and hey, maybe we can even exchange ideas and opinions over coffee.


WARNING: Don’t believe everything I post.


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    • Z.O.M.G.

      I… don’t…why… you…me?… I mean…Eeek! I absolutely have no idea what to do, how to go about it, what to feel, but super duper as in thank you for this Addie! :)))

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  2. We would like to invite you to our upcoming event “Cinco de Mayo” food night market, to be held at Los Banos Laguna, Centtro Mall front (near UPLB) this coming May 3 to 6, 2017. It features up to 20 unique & local food concepts with a Mexican twist in Los Banos Laguna.
    Attached is the link to the event for your reference —

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