Meet Ashley


I’ve wanted a new cat for months since our old cat left us. I miss Luna of course but I was hoping to get a new kitten soon. Didn’t want to buy so I asked my mom to look for one in the streets or somewhere, you know a cute kitten. Imagine our luck when she found the most perfect, most adorable one all the way from Rizal. 

Meet Ashley. Took me awhile to think of a name for her since I usually base my pet’s name on the first impression I have of her/him, like in the case of Toffee or Luna. Even though it should’ve been obvious to name her something like Ash (abo, grey, get it?), it didn’t automatically come to me.

My friends say she looks like a Russian Blue. I couldn’t care less. I love her to bits! She’s super sweet and playful and clingy, just the way I like it! She “calls” me for two things: food and cuddles! 

I’m thinking I wanna spoil her starting with buying stuff for her – after a visit to the vet, of course – like kitten milk formula (P399), pet wet wipes (P50) and wet cat food (P60 each). Bought these at PetExpress. She doesn’t particularly like the milk formula so might try adding it to dry cat food to make it mushy and easier for her to eat. 

Still had some leftovet cat litter so I just bought some deodorizer (P159 at South Supermarket, cheaper than online at P200) plus bought her a toy for P66, though she’s a cat so she prefers bottle caps and simple ribbons to play with. Haha! 

After my Color Run at SM MOA, decided to make a side trip to Cartimat,every pet owner’s supposed heaven. Wanted to buy more cat toys, litter deodorizer and wet cat food. Unfortunately, the prices were disappointing! Totally not cheaper than buying from the grocery or online. There’s a bit of savings but not drastic. My cats toys ranged from P60-90 while the cat food was P50-55 (P5 cheaper but that’s it). Even the Whiskas brand was cheaper in groceries. So I don’t think I’ll be “hoarding” again from here.

To end, here’s a cute photo of her sleeping :))))


Grocery tips


1. Always have your produce reweighed. I saw in a Facebook post how S&R’s produce had a lower price when she had them reweighed so I did the same for my banana and sure enough, from P34 it became P24. 

2. Keep your eyes on the cashier monitor. I usually do this when shopping but for this time, I was a bit distracted and later on, found my P24 banana to have been scanned at P29. The price per kilo was different. I should have told the cashier but I only noticed it afterward. Our law states that the price tag on an item should be followed.

3. Never underestimate a small grocery store. I usually assume that Rustans, S&R, Shopwise or SM have the best variety of products but when I visited our local, tiny WalterMart in Laguna, found these babies! Flavored liquid creamers for P50. Yummers!

I also love South Supermarket for their packaged seafood (clams, squid, crab sticks for only P130/pack) and even their roti! 

Night Shopping at Taytay Tiangge(s) Again


Barely a week since our last trip to Taytay for their famous tiangge, my friend once again invited us to go there – this time for their night tiangge. This was three times bigger since all three main tiangges – Bagpi, My Seoul and another one called Mayora – would be open. Can you believe their opening hours are 4am-4pm every Monday and Thursday? That’s like 24 hours! Those two days are the bagsakan days so all new stocks and designs would be available. We went there on a Thursday (next day was a holiday, for them at least not me) so my friends were confident to pull an all nighter. We took an Uber back and forth (took a while to book going there at 8pm but we got lucky a driver was on his way home to Antipolo!) and by 930pm, we were there.

We first had some light dinner at the nearby food stall called Spud. I ordered their Spicy Arabian chicken wrap (P75) and Lemon-cucumber sparkler (P60) and both were so good! I was so hungry forgot to take photos! I want a branch in Ortigas please! I do have some photos of the tiangge and clothes itself. Not much since I was busy checking them out. Haha! 

Refreshed and ready to fight, we first went to the one called Mayora, which my friend dubbed as “the grid” (because the stalls and walkways were so tiny and close together) while I dubbed it as “the putikan” (because it was muddy due to the light rain). BUT don’t let the place fool you. The tiangge was full of goldmines! You just have to be patient. As before, tops and shorts start as low as P25 while dresses and pants at P100. I bought most of my stuff – the following shorts and rompers – here.

For some reason, I hoarded these two types of clothes. Haha! All my shorts were pambahays because I’ve always looked out for these super thin, soft and comfy shorts I once bought at Greenfields for 3 for P100 and now, I finally found them again – but for only P25 each. Yes, you read that right. My friends kept teasing me that it seemed all I did was sleep with so many pambahay shorts. Told them I had costume changes at night. Haha! The 2nd and 3rd photos (the designs on the front are my fave) are P25 each shorts while the 1st photo is P35 each, simular to the unicorn shorts, which obviously I bought first because if I had known there were P25 ones available, I wouldn’t have bought these. They’re nice though, like my unicorn shorts. Might gift them, though. 

I then bought 3 rompers. The first two are from the same seller, P150 each. It’s made of thick fabric and best fits a medium, since it’s a bit too snug on the bottom for me (thanks a lot, fat ass and thunder thighs). But I still love it! Crossing my fingers I’ll lose weight for a better fit. Haha! The last romper, P150, was from a different seller and is made of a thinner, more breezy fabric. Best fits small so I might give this away. So, so pretty though.

Next was Bagpi where I was able to buy clothes as gifts to my relatives who’ll be staying with us for the holidays. 

Bought a green maxi (P150), white top with watercolor dream catcher (P65), unicorn leggings (P50) and red gym shorts (P25). The patches (P11 each) and soft tank tops (P40 each) were actually from Mayora. 

I was perfectly fine with lugging my items in plastic bags (my eco bag didn’t fit all my unexpected shopping) but then I saw this huge-ass avocado green/mustard cloth bag (discounted at P50, originally P100) so me and my friend bought one! It’s my type of shopping bag – tapon lahat! Haha! It has a big adidas logo on it but I’m planning on painting over it later on. 

Didn’t buy anything from My Seoul anymore since I already had a lot. We ended our shopping at around 3am. Haha! All in all, I shelled out P1275 for all those items! Not bad noh? I have to remind myself to stop buying from malls if I can find it here. We’re planning in maybe doing a quarterly visit here. Haha! Super recommended! Over sa low prices but good quality pieces! Gora na mga shopaholics! 

Landmark Finds: My wasteland


Landmark – as always – did not fail in surprising me again. I consider this my favorite wasteland, aside from my mini Divisoria and Rustan’s supermarket. I went there to buy at most two sports bra because it was only in Landmark Trinoma that I found this affordable yet comfy sports bra I had. Ended up with P1,400 worth of gym clothes. I know, right?

All of these were P229.75 each. I got purple shorts (I already have a light and dark blue version of this bought at Surplus for P250) which has built in cycling shorts inside, perfect for circuit training; three sports bras in the same style, different colors and two dry fit gym shirts.

I really was debating on buying the shirts since I have enough but it was so comfy and breezy, perfect for busting out my ass at the gym.

One of my fave buys is this super cute, pink robot coin bank that I discovered (on sale for P60 instead of P110) which reminds me of the game in Nintendo DS and the robot emoticon. Forget the owls or cars or piggy coin banks. This was the one that I was attracted to! “Coin bank” was actually on my “to buy” list and though I could just punch a hole in my empty Pringles can, no fun in putting coins in there, noh? Look at how “at home” my robot looks like on my side table.

I also found this super cute (puro pacute lang binibili ko. Haha!) measuring tape (sale at P24 from P35) designed as a clock! Plus, saw this small tin can (P24) I thought a friend of mine would appreciate. 

Couldn’t resist checking out their grocery store which, by the way, puts Rustan’s to shame with their variety of items! So many dips and spreads and stuff. Haha! They carry Delimondo products. I wasn’t overly impressed with their corned beef, which is a best seller, so I wanted to try their other items, particularly their small, easy-to-open products. I chose their tuna spread (P78) which was good but I feel like I can make something similar for cheaper. I also bought their liver spread (P58) plus saw this Vanilla Green Tea sachets (P80) which was yummy (better than buying Chatime or Serenitea).

Halo-halong discoveries Part VI


Booky App. I’ve had this app for a while but never used it until I saw they had a Buy1, Take1 deal for Ippudo’s Pork Buns, which I’ve tried before and loved! Finally, I decided to put the app into good use. Basically, you just download app, check the discounts or the B1,T1 tab for interesting deals then when you’re at the resto or store, swipe the app to claim. You only have 10mins to claim from the time you swap so better to be there already. Staff will help you if ever. Other deals I found interesting were from Blk513, Cinnabon, Sushi Warrior and Yo Panda.

Auntie Anne’s B1,T1 promo. For the month of August, Monday to Wednesday, 12nn-2pm, my favorite pretzel was on Buy1,Take1 promo. Didn’t want to eat too much calories so only bought 3 times. Enough to last me for a year of not buying anymore. Haha! 

Novo finds. Always in awe when I find awesome items in Novo like these P10 adorable stress balls, mini walis & dustpan at P25, pet collar at P25 and fruit jelly candies (with super cute packaging) at P8 each.

Grocery finds. I love going to Rustan’s supermarket because they always have some great discounted items! My favorites for this trip were the 50% off chicken cold cuts (paid P29), 75% off red dragon fruit (paid P32) & on sale 400ml Clean & Clear conditioner (P140). I also try to avoid drinking cow’s milk because of its high calories & almond milk is a good alternative. More expensive but only 20-30 calories per 250ml, if unsweetened. This Kirkland almond milk (P150) bought at my office was my choice  for this week. Cute packaging, noh?

Dragonfruit love. Speaking of, I’ve always loved dragonfruit ever since I tasted it way back in Bangkok. But it’s quite expensive so I’m happy that I chanced upon a sari-sari store near my home which regularly sells them! At P120 to sometimes P150 per kilo (P220/kilo in grocery stores), this was a pretty good deal so I usually hoard. I also discovered another way of eating it. Instead of peeling, I just scoop it out directly. Like ice cream! 🙂 

Healthy eating. “Trying” being the operative word. Some of my favorites are grilled cheese, fresh salad, seafood & shitake mushroom pasta & anything with salmon. 

Super find: Taytay Tiangge(s)


My friend who’ll be leaving for Japan suddenly said she needs to buy lots of clothes to bring there. They had to be cheap but of good quality and so she brought us to this tiangge she knows in Taytay. At first, my other friend thought it was the same as the one in Baclaran, since they had the same name. I guess it might be a branch? Presenting, the tiangge every shopaholic should go to: The Bagpi Garment Center (5am-2pm) and literally right beside it is the My Seoul Tiangge (6am-6pm), both located at Taytay Rizal. My friend’s boyfriend drove us so I have no idea how to get there but a quick search and with the help of waze, I’m sure you’ll find your way (so helpful). It really is your typical tiangge but with dirt cheap prices, with shorts starting from P25, tops at P50 & dresses at P100.

As you can see, business hours are a bit tricky. We planned on going early but failed (haha!) so we got to Bagpi at 1pm, with just an hour to spare. Forgot to take photos since most of the shops were already closed but think tiangge style. But we still had the My Seoul tiangge so we spent another hour there & boy, were there a lot of finds! They have everything you need for an outfit – from tops to shorts to pants to undies, from casual to office to beach attire. Not much winter clothes but lots of outer wear like cardigans and light jackets.

I applaud myself for demonstrating such great self-control (unlike my other girl friends who shelled out no less than P1500. haha! Hi girls!) that I only spent P625 for 8 pieces of clothing! I super looove them all! And the thing is, the fabric of the clothes are so nice and soft! Not cheap at all. Think Forever21/H&M/even some with Uniqlo quality. You just have to choose wisely. I bought the rusty orange lace top at P50 and the floral off shoulder at P110 (both at My Seoul) & the floral romper for P100 at Bagpi.

I really planned on buying gym shorts for my zumba sessions so I was so glad that we found some! Bought blue gym shorts for P100 (My Seoul; update: saw the exact same one at Landmark for P200) and the Mossimo black overrun shorts for P130 (Bagpi). The 3 unicorn shorts – P45 each (sales lady at My Seoul didn’t budge when we insisted on a discount) – are my pambahay shorts. I cannot emphasize how soft (& adorable!) those shorts are that I bought it even without discount! Imagine how much mark up malls and other stores have on similar clothes. 

Tips: (1) wear comfortable clothes, preferably leggings, a thin top and rubber shoes. Leggings and thin tops are best when you need to “try on” the clothes since there’s no changing room and you just wear them over your clothes. Comfy rubber shoes are for the hours of walking. (2) haggle – some sellers give additional discount like my gym shorts which was originally priced at P120. (3) try to get there early so it won’t be too hot. (4) stay hydrated. Obviously, we didn’t drink Starbucks there (we had that after lunch but it’s so pretty noh?). Stores are available selling shakes & bottled water. 

I highly recommend anyone who enjoys shopping for clothes to visit this tiangge at least once a year, to update your wardrobe. Super dirt cheap and sulit finds but with nice quality fabrics! 

Update: was so excited to wear them already! Hahaha! 

New thigh tattoo


So I lied when I said I was done with tattooing. Haha! I wasn’t exactly planning on getting another one, it kind of just happened. Blame it on boredom. But, I am very happy how it turned out. When the thought of getting another tattoo latched to my brain, I knew that I would add it to my first thigh tattoo (because I found it too small and frankly, I’m running out of canvass). But how? As I was scanning the net, I came across designs on octopuses and their tentacles fascinated me. So I decided to get something similar.

I again contacted Frances since she was the one who did my thigh tattoo and I wanted the tat to be consistent – something that would look part of the mandala, a design that is organic to the first tat and kinda “grew out” of it. It took about a week for everything to be scheduled – from me explaining to Frances the design I wanted, to her drafting the designs and to us scheduling the session. She actually prepared two designs – one with tentacles and another with her own design. I ended up choosing the one she personally suggested. It was so pretty!


I showed up at her shop in Robinson’s Galleria and the standard procedure commenced – I signed a waiver form, she showed me the new and unopened needle, then we discussed the placement of the tat. I explained that I wanted more of the design to be on the right side of the mandala for more visibility and less on my inner thigh (because I know that would hurt as hell). I also had to think of what color I wanted it to be in. Initially, I wanted it to be black, same color as the mandala. But Frances explained it might look too messy. She was visualizing it to be in dark red as it would look very feminine on me. She also suggested that if I really wanted it to be in black, that she would accent the tips of the design with red. Since she still had to draw the design on my thigh, I had a few minutes to contemplate. She used a special red pen to draw the design – the design needed to be drawn “free handedly” – and as she did, I realized how pretty the red looked on my thigh (just like my foot tat). So I told her I wanted it to be in dark red. When she started inking with the dark red, I found it too dark so she combined a little red in it and that was the color we used.


Of course, the inking still hurt, especially on the design near my inner thigh since the skin there is thinner. I had a book and Netflix to keep my mind off the procedure. She mentioned that doing solid lines will always hurt more compared to just filling in with colors. Finally, after 1.5 hours, she was done! I love it! The more I look at it, the more I like it.


For some reason, it seemed this tat healed faster than my other ones. Perhaps my body is getting used to being inked? After care was the usual cleaning with baby soap and slathering anti-bacterial ointment combo (I used my leftover ones from last March). I think I won’t be getting another tattoo anytime soon. At least, for this year.