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That time we went to the Ayala Museum for free


Out of nowhere, my friends decided to go to the Ayala Museum on a weekend to #GetCultured. Fortunately, my brother actually told me that on this Saturday we were eyeing, there would be free admission. So I told my friends I wanted to go there on that specific Saturday with the condition that we visit during the opening at 9:00am simply because I did not want to compete with the hordes of people going there on a free day. It’s been some years since I last visited so I was down to going back again. After breakfast at the Salcedo Weekend Market, me and my friends went to get cultured.

At the lobby, there were some activities available such as making your own bag, coloring for adults and even doing a newscast sponsored by CNN, who were giving away free bags as long as you sign on their wall.


There were so many dioramas on the first floor, about 60, plus a lot of artifacts on the upper floors. Elevators are available for those who need it.


Going around the museum, you are allowed to take photos only up to the 2nd floor, if I remember it right.


My favorite section would have to be the “fashion section.” OK, I only call it that because I forgot what it was really called. It featured the different ‘gowns’ worn by priests over the decades. What I love about them is that the gowns were so intricately designed, with embroidery or delicate stitching. Gowns were also color coded depending on the occasion for it to be worn, eg. black gowns for funerals, white for solemnities and violet for advent and lent.


I also loved the section on Zobel de Ayala and his hand written letters to his family (no photos allowed in this section). His handwriting was gorgeous plus he was so eloquent and funny (yes, I read his letters).

For a Filipino museum, I was impressed with how the Ayalas were able to present their museum. I know it doesn’t compare to those abroad, at least those that I’ve been to like the Korean War Museum or the Smithsonian, but still, they had a lot to offer, considering this is a private museum. I highly encourage everyone to visit the museum once in a while. Tangkilikin ang sariling atin. Please visit their website for more information. They are open from 9:00am to 6:00pm, Tuesdays to Sundays. Regular admission fee is P425.