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Review: Hello Gorgeous’ Facial Mist, Make-Up Setting Spray and Unicorn Brush Wash


I am a supporter of local brands, especially if they claim to be all-natural or at the very least, free from most harmful chemicals. I chanced upon this brand called Hello Gorgeous, which branched out from the Skinline Essentials brand. I’ve read great reviews about the Skinline Essentials products so I figured, the Hello Gorgeous line would be great too.

What sealed the deal, aside from being a Filipino, all-natural brand was the super cute packaging (I’m so shallow, I know). I’ve been lurking their website and placing items in my shopping cart, just to get their super cute hologram toiletry pouch which is free if you buy P1,000 worth of items either online or in their physical stores. But really, I just wanted to try three of their products which I also happen to need, so I never really checked-out. I then planned on going to their physical store in Greenhills Shopping Center, the closest one to me, but still I couldn’t bring myself to travel to San Juan just to check out the brand. Fortunately, one weekend, me and my siblings dropped by Total gas station in SLEX, where there are a bunch of tiangges. One of the booths was selling the Hello Gorgeous line! Without hesitating, I bought the three items I really wanted – the facial mist (P180), the make-up setting spray (P250) and the unicorn brush wash (P200).


Let’s start with the bad. I wanted their facial mist because my good ol’ Nature Republic Aloe Facial Mist was running low. I actually decided to go back to my Mario Badescu Facial Mist but I ordered this from Amazon and would only be getting it once my sister arrives in Manila. So I needed something in between. Here enters the facial mist. Unfortunately, I hated the way it smelled, like rotten coffee or leaves. I can’t say if it makes my skin more hydrated but I still use it as it also seals my make-up after re-touch. It might not smell as amazing as the Mario Badescu mist but it’s not as bad as the Human Nature one so while waiting for my fave mist, I’ll have to make do with this. Not recommended though but feel free to try. What doesn’t work for me might work for you.


Fortunately, the make-up setting spray did not have any funky smell. It smelled ok, very nature-like, but also not too good smelling. Just generic. It does the job of making my make-up matte so it was worth using. I recommend this if you’d like a natural make-up setting spray that does a decent job and keeps your make-up in place. I was however planning on buying Mac’s best seller facial spray because they had a special design (the floral one) but it was out of stock when I had a transit in Istanbul (where it was cheaper compared to in Manila). If I happen to buy it when I travel soon, I’ll probably ditch this setting spray.


Lastly and frankly my favorite, is the unicorn brush wash. This is so good! And it’s not my favorite solely because the unicorn looks so cute. I wasn’t able to take before and after photos of my make-up brushes (too excited to use the unicorn) but this definitely does the job. Instructions are simple: wet the soap, swirl your brushes until a lather builds up, rinse then dry your brushes. What I added for my big brushes is after swirling it on the soap and gathering some lather, I used my usual brush cleaner to really clean the bristles thoroughly. I absolutely loved the smell! It smelled so clean and fresh and not overwhelming at all, unlike my Parian Spirit’s citrus scent. It does the job as all my brushes were clean and dare I say, it seemed like the bristles became softer. I think this is because of the almond oil. I love how it cuts my cleaning time in half since instead of using a separate baby shampoo and disinfectant, this soap is enough! Super highly recommended! I haven’t seen any other make-up brush soap in the market that is as affordable and as effective as this so I’ll definitely repurchase!


I’m also curious with their other products like the matte lipsticks, lavender hair conditioner, coffee eye serum, face masks, unicorn elixir (fancy name for face serum) and eye liner stamp but I’ll have to finish my current stocks first before going on another shopping spree. Do note that their prices are way lower when they join different local bazaars so try to catch them there too.