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SMAC Deals: Watson’s promo


I’m a fan of groupons and discounts in general. And for the past year, there has been an increase of sites offering these. So when I found out that shopping mall giant SM had joined the bandwagon and made their own groupon site called the SM Advantage Card deals, I had to check it out.

For SMAC deals, of course,
(1) you have to be a card holder;
(2) you can only avail of one specific promo per card; and
(3) you choose which SM branch you’ll claim your product(s).

The first time I checked them out, I already saw the Watson’s promo – pay only P500 for a P1000 worth of products. But I didn’t get it. Later on, they had the same promo and since I was looking for some body scrub, I figured better to try Watson’s products.

Below are the products I got from the groupon (prices are approximates as they are based on memory):

3 different variants of body scrub (cocoa butter, aloe Vera & cucumber, 530 ml each) – P130 each
1 lilac body lotion (550 ml) – P150++
4-pack dental floss – P99
2 10- pack pocket tissue – P45 each
300 piece cotton ball – P45++
240 piece square puff – P50++
200 pieces of cotton buds – P45++
pocket tissue – P10
mini wet tissue – P19
loofah – P75
Bath gloves – P50


P1000 worth of products for P500. Not bad, eh? But do I recommend you buy the same groupon? No. Simply because the products included in the groupon should only be those which are not Buy 1, Take 1 in Watson’s which basically are just a few. Most of their products are on “permanent Buy 1, Take 1” (which sounds so silly). It would still be better if you buy as is. It’s basically the same, unless you just want to buy their tissues, cotton balls, nose strips and accessories, wherein you’ll get the best buy for your groupon. But if you just want their body lotions, scrubs, hand washes and the like, better to buy on any regular day. It was a good experience though.