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Boating in Talisay, Batangas


One of my colleagues invited us to a resort in Talisay, Batangas so we could ride on his boat. Who were we to pass up such an opportunity? So one Saturday, woke up early and a bunch of us headed to Batangas. I honestly find being near a body of water – whether sea, lake or man-made – relaxing.

What made this place special though was that the Taal Volcano was our background.

We got to the resort and saw our colleagues’ boat, named Argo and laid out on the resort were all the fun gear we would be using – paddle boards, kayaks and a tube to be dragged by the boat.

Five of us plus two boatmen rode in the boat and started sailing and ‘tubing.’ Afterwards, went kayaking and paddle boarding.

For lunch, our colleague treated us to this really awesome restaurant called Milan’s. We had tawilis (a must in Tagaytay!), grilled pork liempo, bulalo (another must!), laing (this was so good!) and tilapia with sauce. Dessert was leche flan. Honestly, everything was so good! As in super sarap.


Went back to the resort, did some more water activities, swam (more like babad) in the small swimming pool, played cards and just had a good time. Perfect weekend activity before my work load becomes heavy again.


If you would like to avail and rent my friend’s boat and related activities, you may contact him with his details below.