Grocery tips


1. Always have your produce reweighed. I saw in a Facebook post how S&R’s produce had a lower price when she had them reweighed so I did the same for my banana and sure enough, from P34 it became P24. 

2. Keep your eyes on the cashier monitor. I usually do this when shopping but for this time, I was a bit distracted and later on, found my P24 banana to have been scanned at P29. The price per kilo was different. I should have told the cashier but I only noticed it afterward. Our law states that the price tag on an item should be followed.

3. Never underestimate a small grocery store. I usually assume that Rustans, S&R, Shopwise or SM have the best variety of products but when I visited our local, tiny WalterMart in Laguna, found these babies! Flavored liquid creamers for P50. Yummers!

I also love South Supermarket for their packaged seafood (clams, squid, crab sticks for only P130/pack) and even their roti! 


What are your thoughts?

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