Los Banos’ 10pm curfew (and other news from the grapevine)


Many of you now know about the several crimes done in Los Banos. The one about Given Grace was the start, wherein I felt that eLBi is no longer a safe place to live, and now, a string of “unfortunate events” followed. Only recently a young girl was killed & raped and then a few days after, a junior college kid was also stabbed to death.

Note: The following is something told to my mother by people she knows in Los Banos. No formal/ official news/ article has been done/ released yet.

According to mother’s friend, the incident of the junior college kid happened near their house. She even saw the young boy still ‘trembling’ (word used was nangingisay) after being stabbed. She also saw the two other youngsters who ran away and even jumped over a super tall fence (that’s what adrenaline does to you). Later on, they said that they found the two kids huddled together, not moving (maybe because of shock).

The police and other authorities arrived an hour later. No one from the bystanders helped the boy (my thoughts: I do realize that bystanders might not have wanted to ‘touch’ or ‘move’ the kid since he was already stabbed and needed professional help. A shame no one knew or applied first aid, if that was even possible).

An online campaign is being done in Twitter with the hashtag #NasansiTonGenuino. It is said that Mayor had a meeting with Los Banos officials and another one with UPLB Chancellor. This resulted in the 10pm curfew all over Los Banos (this is confirmed by our Dean and is now also being shown in DZMM Teleradyo). Barangay officials are now said to be roaming the streets.

Is there no safe place in the country? Don’t answer that.


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  1. You hoarded during the bazaar! Haha lol :p I went there too! Hope to see you next time!

    P.S. I love all your finds 🙂
    PPS Really appreciated the mention on twitter ❤


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