Marking my territories


Cats and dogs pee on places they want other cats and dogs to know are their territories. This is called marking their territories. I can’t exactly do the same. Can you imagine? Wait, I take that back. Don’t imagine it. That’s just gross. Eww.

So in lieu of all the peeing, I will be “announcing” my territories so people who do not want to see me (or people who I don’t want to see) better stay away from these places. Har-har.

1. The whole of Los Banos, Laguna – Sorry, but this area is mine. Lived here since a kid and though didn’t stay here for most of my adult years, the place definitely stinks of me. It practically has my surname written all over it. Ask the first person you meet in eLBi if they know who ‘Lapis’ is and I bet your pretty bottoms they’ll say yes.

2. UP Diliman, Quezon City – my first love which will always have a place in my Cardiac Muscle. The campus where I made some of my fondest memories (both those I want to remember forever and those I want to erase)

3. UP Village/ Teacher’s Village, Quezon City – one of my favorite-est places of residence and the perfect area to go on food trips. So many hole-in-the-walls there

4. Montalban, Rizal – the place I consider much more provincial than eLBi (my go-to place when I want a dose of good ol rural life)

5. Nuvali, Sta Rosa – that includes all shopping centers and outlet stores around. Hehe. Sisterette lives there so I usually visit her when I need to unwire from cyber life. More about that later.

I know I make it sound like I have a long list of “territories” but basically that’s it. What’s yours? (so I can stay out of your way) :p

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  1. Excuse my slowness, but are you, through this post, telling me to never ever set foot on UP Diliman, QC considering it’s the only place among your list that I will most likely be seen? 😀

    My friends have been bugging me to start organizing a all-made-up ceremony tentatively called The Letting Go Balloon Ceremony. This is more like the Deleting Ceremony only that the balloon ceremony has been an idea since last year pa. And the venue: the Sunken Garden. Thought it’s the perfect place. What do you think? Will you let me/us?

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