Fresh off the (digiperm) press


literally I just got my hair permed. As I told my friends, I already have wavy, buhaghag hair, might as well go all the way with a digitally permed head. Been wanting to get my locks curled for the longest time but never got around to doing it.


Not sure though if I can make this last for months since I’m lazy when it comes to hair maintenance. Plus, I absolutely hate going to salons – the harsh smell of chemicals, stylists judging your damaged hair and customers just gossiping about everyone. I only go there when I absolutely need to. Honestly if I can not go there, I would. Unfortunately, I wasn’t gifted with a fountain of long raven hair.

A number of people say that when someone changes their hair style, they probably just got out of a break-up. Well, that’s not the case for me (or maybe this is a late reaction? Choz.) i just really wanted to try the curly hair look. But I do believe changing your hair style gives you a somewhat self-esteem boost and a quick reinvention in physical looks. And I needed a change.

Maybe next time I’ll shave my hair off.


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  1. No one comments in English anymore?
    You might be right, hair change may give esteem boost, however before you think of shaving it off consider them coloring (brighter the better), well if you don’t like them shaving them off is already an option 🙂 yeah take some snaps of those bright color and share them on this blog

  2. Your new (? — I just realized it’s almost a month already) hairstyle looks good on you. 🙂

    I have wavy/buhaghag hair too, and perming it was the best hair decision I have ever made. Rebonding it was the worst. I just had the last bit of my rebonded hair snipped, and I cannot wait for the rest of my frizzy hair to grow long enough for perming!

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