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SM Raincoat: Be stylish even during the rainy season


I tried my best to never use a rain coat even though I walk to and from work. But with the rainy season here and me still not wanting to take a cab or bus to work and just simply walk the 2 kilometers per way each day, I decided that apart from my umbrella and rainy day shoes, I should look for a raincoat lest I continue looking like a basang sisiw everyday.

The main reason I don’t want a raincoat is because they are usually so ugly looking and plain and made of cheap looking material. Sure, there are those with really nice designs but I would never splurge on some expensive plastic coat. That is until I stumbled upon SM Supermarket’s section of US branded clothes. One of the items were raincoats in different designs including a black and white striped one that I initially wanted but had no other size. So I chose the grey striped rain coat with pink flowers! Isn’t it adorable? With the price tag of P250, it’s affordable, stylish and will keep me dry during this season. Yey for cute rainy day outfits!

My first (and probably only) Hermes: The Herbag


For some reason in 2015, the Herbag caught my eye. And didn’t let go. Even if I tried to forget about it, it kept creeping up on me. And so, instead of fighting it, I tried to plan for it meaning I saved up for it. And when I say saved up for it, basically I allotted my left over work allowance from my past work trips. So technically, I didn’t shell out a single cent for the bag! Just like my Longchamp Cuir. Yey for budgeting! =)

Isn’t she pretty? And sulit too because you get two bags as the canvas is interchangeable. 

I’m actually thinking of customizing the brown canvas because I figured I already have my brown Prada bag (redundant na, chos!). Either (a) sew some graphic patches on it or (2) I paint some simple design using acrylic. I mean, if North West can paint an Herbag, so can I right? Haha! Still contemplating on customizing the canvas but for now, I’m enjoying the fruits of my labor. 

*photo not my own

PS. Those who say money can’t buy happiness are definitely buying the wrong stuff from the wrong stores. When I look at my bags that I saved up for, I always smile and have some fuzzy feeling inside. Sure, it’s temporary but it gives me happiness. If you buy stuff that you planned for or saved up for or those that serve as a reward for you or you know is worth every penny, then this would give you some level of happiness that recurs every time you use that item – whether it’s a bag, an outfit, make-up, toys or whatever. I’m not saying be materialistic because I honestly believe that true happiness, peace of mind and security can only come from God. But what I’m saying is that material things can be a tool to bring a smile on your face. If that’s not what shopping does to you then approach me and we’ll go shop for the right stuff. =D

How to score designer, luxury bags for a lower price


I have a thing for bags. Nice bags. A bit expensive, designer, luxury bags. Some people like gadgets or shoes or miniature things. I like bags. I could wear a simple, all black outfit while toting a really nice bag for the rest of my life.

But here’s the thing: I don’t think I could ever spend more than P40,000 for any bag. I can’t imagine carrying a bag that’s too expensive (unless given as a present. Hihi). I guess I’m still practical like that. So how was I able to buy the bags that I have right now? Below are four ways to score designer, luxury bags for a lower price, which can also be applied to any other item:

1. Buy the item at the country where it is originally made. This is a no brainer that any product bought in the original country it came from would be cheaper. Not only because there’s no shipping cost, but also more often than not, taxes are deducted for tourists. This is the case for my very first Louis Vuitton bag bought in Europe.

2. Buy at outlet stores. When I say outlet stores, these are the legitimate ones that you should ensure have original and authentic items. The reason why they are sold in outlet stores is because they are from the previous or old season. If you don’t like following the crowd and being ‘on trend,’ like me, then this is the best option for you. You get the same quality of items but for a much lower price. Tip: Choose classic looking bags that would look great any season! Scored Prada bags in an outlet store when we went to Florence, Italy.

3. Buy at Duty Free shops, particularly in airports. There’s a reason why airports have a lot of designer shops in them. Not only are they conveniently located in terminals, they also have no taxes. Bonus points if you get lucky enough to get a coveted bag on sale, just like my Longchamp Cuir in yellow. Tip: If you really like a certain bag, ask the saleslady personally because sometimes, the item is on sale, even though there’s no sign.

4. Buy pre-loved items. This is definitely one of the best ways to score some designer bags. If you browse the net, one of the most known, well-respected and safest places to buy pre-loved bags is Japan’s Komehyo. Japan is known to be very strict and careful in selling bags, plus the fact that fake items are illegal in their country, so you know you’re getting the real deal. Not to mention, the quality the bags are in are so amazing! They look close to brand new, as if it wasn’t used, which makes it great value for money. The Japanese are known to want the latest designs and so when one bag is already out of season, they instantly sell it even if it’s still in good condition. Take note though that depending on the item, sometimes the original box or dust bag won’t be included. Tip: Invest in leather bags as this will last you forever if you take care of it.


Now, if you’re a snob, you’re probably thinking eww, pre-loved. Well, it doesn’t bother me and it doesn’t matter to me. Generally, I wouldn’t buy a preloved designer bag from online sellers simply because I fear they might be fake but Komehyo is the real shiz. If preloved is good enough for celebrities, socialites and even my millionaire friend, then it’s great enough for me.

Make sure to care for your bags by not letting them get wet, keeping humidifiers in the closets where you place them, having it professionally cleaned and using bag stuffers to keep their shape.

Hope these options give you hope that we need not shell out all of our savings or max out our credit cards just to meet our desires and wants. Friendly reminder though: make sure to balance your expenses and still have savings left. Because what’s the point of having a great bag if in the future, you’ll just end up in the streets with nothing?

If you can’t buy ‘em, make ‘em


My DIY BB Cushion. This was actually the main reason why I tried and it also cemented my belief that I could never be a beauty blogger. Haha! Look at my messy, walang-ka-art-art lay-out. BB Creams are quite expensive. When I saw this DIY BB Cushion Set, I figured I’ll just make my own BB cushion. Since I had some BB cream that was too light for my face, I tried concocting my own personalized BB cushion by adding some darker foundation to the BB cream. Added some aloe vera as suggested by some bloggers but it didn’t work for me. VCO was the key in making my cream more liquid-y for easier absorption by the sponge. Probably not as good as ‘professional’ store bought creams but still, a DIY BB Cushion success!

Another DIY that I did was my pearl watch. I’ve been eyeing this particular pearl watch from Swatch (photo from net) then upon checking it out at the store, found out it was just a simple nylon strand with beads. So I decided instead of splurging on a store-bought watch, why not create my own? I had an old watch head that I didn’t use anymore, bought some nylon and pearl beads from our local craft store and voila! My very own pearl watch, which I love because I’m a fan of watches that look like bracelets.


The practical in me will always try to look for the cheaper but ‘same quality’ product but if I can’t or if that doesn’t work, then I’ll try to create my own. Same results, only more affordable and with a splash of fun =)

New found love in Uniqlo


Kikay alert and TMI!

I’ve never given Uniqlo that much thought. I mean, I always found the clothes a tad bit expensive for my budget and since I’m not much of a splurger when it comes to outfits, I don’t usually visit their store. But my relatives were all praise for this brand so at the back of my head was the idea that I should check it out. Someday.

That day came last week. Don’t you just love it when things work out for the best? Basically, I found what I needed in a brand that boasted of high quality at a discounted price. I was in need of some innerwear and after checking my go-to brand – Wacoal (and Marks & Spencer for the bottoms because their seamless undies are really awesome!) – I couldn’t find any that suited my taste. For my ‘panloob’ spaghetti strap tank tops, I decided to wait for my upcoming Bangkok trip. Little did I know that Uniqlo has a wide range of awesome innerwear too! Too bad I didn’t check their innerwear collection when I went to Japan (I was too focused on finding The Bag) and just bought the body shaper. I tried on their bra and it was oh-so-perfect! Felt like butter on my skin! For the price tag of P990, it wasn’t so bad since it was along Wacoal’s range but the tipid-shopper in me thought that maybe I should wait awhile? Good thing I did because a few days after, I went back and found the same type of bra for only P590, in my size! It’s wireless (can I hear a yahoo from the ladies?), the band doesn’t hurt the skin, and it’s seamless with the softest yet durable material you could think of which still retains the cup shape. Sure the color was bright pink (haha!) even though I really wanted the deep wine maroon and dark forest green ones that weren’t on sale but hey, maybe I should spruce it up once in a while? Not only that, I also discovered their P190 Airism inner tops, perfect as ‘panloob’ for blouses and dresses! They had so many designs and colors to choose from, I really had a hard time to decide. But the practical in me decided to buy only those which I knew I would need: a nude and a black one. You might be thinking ang kapal ng face mo that I got the small black innerwear, which was the last piece. Here’s the thing: the material stretches but is still super comfortable! I could practically buy any size and it would still be fine! The nude one I got was in large and it was comfy too.


I knew these items were really good buys – great quality, very comfy and wonderful fit – so I went back again, this time to another branch and found another bra on sale in my size – very pretty soft lace in purple-blueish color. In love!

I still planned on buying the dark violet ‘panloob’ so I went back to Uniqlo Megamall and discovered they had a whole new collection of bras on sale! This time, the bras had no hook behind it but it was still made of the same super soft, comfy, and superb quality material. Colors were light pink, hot pink, mint green and bright green (P590 each). I went with the light pink which was the closest to nude. This was super perfect because I was looking for a bra that would go well with my backless tops – meaning I needed a bra that didn’t look like a bra. And with the no-hook feature of this new bra, it wouldn’t look obscene or tacky when I wear it with my backless shirts. Score!


I honestly had to consciously stop myself from buying all the items in different colors that had my size. Haha! I’m not much of a hoarder but these are really a great addition to my everyday needed basic items! Definitely adding Uniqlo in my list of favorite brands from now on.


Tipid Hits: Overruns are love


As I mentioned before, 98% of items always go on sale so why buy full price? That’s one of the reasons I bought these Php50 H&M paisley shorts because a) I need new pambahay shorts and b) it’s so cheap for the quality. So glad I found a pair in my size! Haha! The top pink one which I’ve been using for years? I’m retiring it because every time I wear them then stand up or even lie down, it falls off! No more elasticity! Isn’t that enough reason for me to buy new ones?

 One of the rules me and my sister have in terms of shopping is if we buy something new, an ‘old‘ item should be thrown away, given to someone else or taken out. In this case, I’m reusing my old shorts to become rags. #NoToWaste Shops selling overruns are so precious for me. You get the same quality and design from branded shops but for such a cheaper price!

Tip: when buying textile or clothes, look for those made in Viet Nam, Cambodia or Bangladesh. Usually they have the softest and most durable fabric compared to, say, those made in PRC. 

SM Finds: Parisian summer heels


Super duper elated I chanced upon these SM Parisian chunky-stacked-summer heels. I needed nude heels for a garden wedding I attended so stilletos were out of the question. Wedges were an option but when I saw these nude ones, I knew I found the one & for only P799! Plus the heel height is absolutely perfect – 2.5 inches – which is now my maximum heel height to ensure healthy & comfortable feet! 

It came in black, blue, red and nude. I decided not to buy the black one because I already have my Italian chunky wooden heel. So it was between the bright blue and coral red. Fate had it that the next time I went back to SM, they only had the red in my size. 

Just like with my pointy heels, once I like a shoe style & as long as it’s within budget, I like buying it in more than one color. Now I have 5 heels that I regularly use – all of which are so comfortable I can honestly run in them & even do grocery shopping in (which actually happened). Good job SM! 🙂