Ray-ban: Instant coolness


Know how they say that the eyes are the windows of the soul? Well, my soul is only for a chosen few and I for one like to keep those windows closed (harhar!) thanks to a little nifty invention.

I have always been a shades girl. If there’s something that I would never go out of the house without, that would be a pair of shades. Nevermind the wallet (I can get away by just being adorable. Haha). And I looove aviators! The first aviators that I saw belonged to my dad, it was green, had gold lining, was huge and weighed a ton! It covered half of my face and left markings on my nose because it was so heavy. Haha! But since then, I’ve always wanted my own Ray-Ban. Don’t know why I never bought one before, I think it was never a priority since it’s quite expensive too.


But this year, I really told myself that I would get one of those beauties. And finally I did! I consider this my birthday and Chrismas gift to myself (so don’t judge). Plus, what really convinced me to buy one was that it was on sale! I bought it at SM with an original price of P7,190. On top of the 10% off that they had for SM Advantage card holders, Rayban had an additional 10% off! That’s something like 20% off! Good buy na, right?

It comes with a cleaning cloth, a hard case and a lifetime warranty (on the screws, adjustments etc.)

Here’s a few tips if you’re planning on buying:

1) always check and compare prices before buying. This is the best price that I found. Other eye wear shops and branded stores would sell this for something like P7,900 then say that it’s 10% off so it just boils down to something like P7,000, just the same price with SM.

2) if buying at SM, they offer installments for credit card transactions so you can choose from 3 or 6 months at 0% interest. That would be better so it won’t be too painful for your pocket

3) be wary of fakes. I tried searching online for cheaper stores selling them and when I thought I’ve found one, I read some reviews that they were fakes. So to be on the safer side, buy at a real store.

4) have extra pairs of shades as an alternative. In my case, I have another aviator style shades from Aldo and a funky wayfarer style from Forever 21.

5) try on the shades you want before buying. Not everyone will look nice in aviators or in any other type of shades, for that matter. Find out the perfect shape and style for your face. You wouldn’t want to look silly now, wouldn’t you?

6) really think about it before buying. Aside from months of contemplating, I had to go around the mall, go waxing and have my nails done before I finally jumped in and bought it. Think about it hard since thousands of pesos is no joke.


Caution: prepare for instant coolness once you wear these awesome babies!


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  1. They look so good on you!
    I’ve never wanted a pair of Ray-Bans until my sister bought a pair a couple of months ago. They really look good on her and that’s when I realized that there really is a difference between a Ray-Ban and a less expensive pair. Kala ko dati, brand name lang talaga yung binabayaran. Now, because of this post, I really want to buy myself a pair! D:

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